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How do I sign in?

This article describes multiple ways you can sign in to your account.

First of all, you want to find a "Sign in" link on the top right corner of the website (see screenshot above). Once clicked, a new page opens, and here you have multiple options:

Sign in with Google
Sign in with Facebook
Use an email/password form to sign in

Google and Facebook sign in is useful if you are signed in into one of these providers on your computer and want to access your account quickly without the need to remember and enter your password. We will go through all these options below.

Sign in with Google

If you are not sure how to Sign in to your Google account, please refer to this article.

To use the Google Sign in option simply click on "Google" on the Sign In modal. You might be redirected to the Google authentication screen. That is fine. If you have signed in to multiple Google accounts on your device, please select the email that you used when signing up for your PDF Converter account.

Sign in with Facebook

If you want to sign in to PDF Converter using Facebook, click the "Facebook" link in the Sign in modal window. For the first time you will be redirected to Facebook and asked if you want to allow PDF Converter to access your email address. This is needed so we know who is trying to sign in. This is a completely safe procedure and you won't see this in your future sign in attempts. Once you confirm it, you should be redirected to the PDF Converter and you are now signed in.

Sign in using your email and password

If you are not signed in to Facebook or Google on your machine that is completely fine. You can choose to sign in using your email and password. Simply fill in the fields and click the "Sign In" button. Both fields must be filled in order to submit.

If you cannot remember your password, that is fine, simply use our password recovery feature.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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