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I lost my password. How can I recover my account?

You can recover your password straight from the PDF Converter website. This article helps you recover your account and change your password.

Pro tip: Use one of our third-party authorization tools (Google or Facebook) to sign in without specifying a password!

If you remember the email address you used while ordering a PDF Converter membership, you can retrieve your password using our password recovery form.

Visit the PDF Converter website

First of all, open the password recovery form:

Submit and check your email inbox

Once you submit the password recovery form, we'll send you an email with a link to reset your password

Note: if you don't receive the email, check your spam folder.

Set up a new password for your account

Use this temporary link to change your password.

Beware: the link is temporary and won't last long.

Password recovery form

That's all! You should have recovered your PDF Converter account now.

Updated on: 28/04/2023

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